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  Web Consulting

What is Web Consulting?

In a nutshell, it is working with a company and/or designer to develop a total web site package. It might include Neon Diver designing, coding and maintaining the web site, itself. Or, might be the design, installation and maintenance of all servers and workstations necessary to serve the web site. Or, both. It is up to the company and the designer.

Neon Diver represents nearly 30 years in the business of putting together networks of PCs. Long before the Internet and web became house-hold words, we were connecting PCs to each other -- locally and across town. When the Internet started heating up, our founder was there creating one of the first web hosting companies totally and securely based on Windows. In 2002, he closed that business and now works with companies to get the most out of their web presences.

We have a few examples of sites we have created and maintain. If you're looking for someone to help you create the look that specifically expresses your company and its products, we have a list of crack designers ready to assist you. Finally, as your site is created, we can handle the “back-end” programming to make the site more than just a collection of static pages.

So, to get started, take a look around our site, check out the examples and ask us questions. We're ready to help you and your web efforts.

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