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  Some examples of our work:

Much of our work is behind the scenes and not obvious to the web site visitor -- and that's how we want it. But, the examples below can give you some idea of the what we can do:

Group Estes Realty

This is an example of a site we created from scratch. This site for a group of real estate professional provides information about them, their organization and their philosphy of doing business. To support these ideas, Neon Diver used iHTML and JavaScript to show off Group Estes Realty's successes.

Henrietta Glass

This site uses iHTML to a great extent -- display of images and styles and information requests.

Henrietta Glass Wholesale

While similar in appearance and directly related to Henrietta Glass, this site is specifically for wholesale customers that will be purchasing from Herietta Glass in bulk and reselling the product. As with the retail site, this site uses iHTML to a great extent -- display of images and styles, ordering and information requests.

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